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Product Description.

The product integrates power conversion, charging control, human-computer interaction control, communication, billing and metering, and has good dustproof and waterproof function, the protection level reaches IP54, which can be safely operated and maintained in outdoor. The product series covers single-gun output and double-gun output, which is a reliable choice for outdoor fast DC charging.

Technical indicators:

1. Cabinet size: 650*250*1700MM

2. Charging gun: double gun length: 5M

3. Output power: 80KW

4. Input voltage range: three-phase five-wire input AC380V

5. Output voltage range: 200-1000V; Output current range: 0-200A

6. Communication interface: Ethernet, 3G4G

7. Display: 7-inch bright color touch screen

8. Protection level: IP54

9. Working temperature: -25~+50℃