The construction of policy demand linkage charging pile is expected to speed up again

According to media reports, the statistical data of Shenzhen New Energy Vehicle Operating Enterprises Association shows that more than 90% of charging pile manufacturers have resumed work, accepted orders and are busy with production. The head of a charging pile production enterprise interviewed by CCTV said that the reason for mobilizing employees to return to work ahead of schedule was that the company received a large number of orders in the second half of last year and failed to produce all of them before the end of the year. At the same time, new orders this year were also landing. In another charging pile manufacturer, the head of the department said that January to June in previous years were the off-season of charging pile production, but this year's market was particularly good. The industry believes that with the continuous growth of the sales of new energy vehicles, the demand for charging piles is also expected to continue to increase.


In terms of policy, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other eight departments recently organized the pilot work of comprehensive electrification pilot areas for vehicles in the public sector, and the charging and replacement service system was effectively guaranteed. A moderately advanced, balanced, intelligent and efficient charging and replacement infrastructure system has been built, and the service guarantee capacity has been significantly improved. The proportion of the new public charging piles (standard piles) to the number of new energy vehicles promoted in the public domain (standard cars) is expected to reach 1:1. The proportion of charging facilities in the expressway service area is expected to be no less than 10% of the small parking spaces, forming a number of typical comprehensive energy service demonstration stations. According to the statistical data of the Charging Alliance, as of December last year, the cumulative number of charging infrastructure in China reached 5.21 million, an increase of 99.1% year on year. The market organization expects that the cumulative number of charging infrastructure in China this year will reach 9.584 million, and it is expected that the domestic charging pile stock market will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2025.