Lighting and charging one pole for two purposes? Install smart street lamp charging pile in the first district of Luoyang old city

Can the street lamp pole charge the car? Recently, such "new equipment" has been provided in the new village of teachers in Nanguan Street, the old city.


Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the community and saw the "new equipment" - smart street lamp charging pile.

Just looking at the appearance, these smart street lamp charging piles seem to be the same as the street lamps in the streets. The lamp poles are all gray, and the street lamps use LED light sources. However, at the bottom of the lamp pole, there is an additional small display screen and card swiping area, as well as a special charging interface for new energy vehicles.

"Our street lamps can not only illuminate, but also charge new energy vehicles." Tian Lei, the safety director of the old and old residential reconstruction project of the community, said that the smart street lamp charging pile is based on the lamp pole, which optimizes and improves the original street lamp line, and connects the embedded charging pile with rain-proof and lightning protection, which not only saves land and space resources, but also reduces the cost of installing the charging pile line to achieve "one pole for two purposes".

"I want to buy a tram for transportation, but there is no place to charge in the community, and the idea of buying a car has been put on hold." Ms. Yuan, a resident of the community, said that when she saw the smart street lamp charging pile installed in the community, she quickly shared the good news to her family, and her car purchase plan was also put on the agenda. "It is convenient to charge at the door every day in the future!"